• Harley and “How I Live Now” win over the critics

    18 Oct 2013 | News
  • Since “How I Live Now” has been released in UK cinemas we’ve been keeping an eye on the reviews to see what the public though of Harley’s performance as Piper in her first major film.

    Here’s some comments about Harley from the film critics, her co-stars and the author of “How I Live Now” herself...

  • Harley is brilliant, she’s just a little redheaded bundle of energy, and she’s so excited about everything all the time. She did become like a little sister to me, I really wanted to take care of her. She kept us all going… she had never worked on a film before and had this amazing excitement for everything that we were doing.”

    Saoirse Ronan, Film4 interview

  • Newcomer Harley Bird, playing cousin to Ronan’s lead character, is a revelation to watch. Her character’s arc from precocious tyke to hardened young adult whose physical and mental suffering is heartbreakingly felt in her mature performance, it recalls her co-star Tom Holland’s award winning performance in last year’s The Impossible

    Ion Cinema

  • Ronan’s co-stars are no slouches either with both Tom Holland (who put in such a remarkable turn in The Impossible) and television's Peppa Pig, Harley Bird (well, the voice of), putting in performances that are honest, heartfelt and supremely touching.”

    Den of Geek

  • There is charming comedy in the first half, realised most promisingly in the performance of Harley Bird who is commanding throughout

    Idol Magazine

  • Harley Bird, who plays Piper, is just gorgeous

    Meg Rosoff, the author of “How I Live Now”, Film4 interview